TransAtlantic believes that people are the key to a Company's success. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who are team players with excellent interpersonal skills and a high degree of analytical ability.

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Current Job Openings

Engineering Technician

Job Title:          Engineering Technician


Reports To:      VP – Engineering / President


Expertise:         Advanced computer skills, data management, oil and gas regulatory experience


Experience:      4 – 10+ Years


Location:          Dallas, TX  


Job Description:


The Engineering Technician will work primarily with the engineering group and provide support to engineers and management as needed.  He, or she, will have good communication skills and be able to effectively work in a team environment to add efficiency to the department.  The job will generally consist of data management, reporting and regulatory filings.


Roles / Responsibilities:


  • Providing support for day-to-day engineering activities.  This will include support for, but is not limited to, drilling, completion, production and reservoir engineering groups.
  • To take ownership and manage, or develop and maintain, corporate databases containing production and reservoir data and assist engineers with the analysis of the data
  • To assist in the development of internal, and external, reports or tools to utilize production and reservoir data efficiently
  • Providing support in production surveillance and analysis to help engineers identify projects that may improve reservoir development in one or more assets
  • To take ownership and manage, or develop and maintain, procedures and tools for accurately and efficiently tracking data such as LOE, shrinkage, pricing and other critical information necessary for reserve reporting
  • To assist in compiling, analyzing and transferring data in conjunction with the year-end reserve report generation.  This includes internal activities and interaction with the External Reserve Experts
  • To manage all corporate regulatory filings with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Texas Railroad Commission or any other state or federal agency as required
  • To provide data, and support, to accounting or other departments where engineering or production data is required
  • To provide additional technical support, as directed, related to engineering data QC and analysis
  • To demonstrate and promote a positive work environment and foster a team atmosphere


Desired Skills:


  • Excellent ability to manage, manipulate and organize electronic data
  • Ability to learn and work with data management software programs
  • Excellent English communication (both written and oral)
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel, Word and other MS Office programs
  • Excellent ability to manage, manipulate and organize electronic data
  • Excellent problem solving skills and the ability to multi-task
  • Ability to work independently or excel in a team environment as necessary
  • Prior experience with required filings with the Texas Railroad Commission and Oklahoma Corporation Commission is a plus
  • Prior knowledge of oil and gas reservoir or production software (especially PHDWin, Field Direct and OFM) is a plus